Everything You Need to Know About Sugar


Everything You Need to Know About Sugar and Why We Minimize It (Plus, How You Can Satisfy That Sweet Tooth Instead)

Our team believes in complete transparency, which is why we never include any artificial ingredients in our dairy-free yogurts. When you choose Lavva, you can be certain you will be enjoying the taste of sweetness from the best source possible – Mother Nature. Remember, you really don’t need any added sugar anyways because you are sweet enough already!

Too much sugar can wreak havoc on our health, which is why we never use sugar in any of our dairy-free yogurt. Here is everything you need to know about sugar and why we minimize it.

What is Sugar

Granulated, regular or table sugar are all sweet crystallized substances obtained from various plants such as sugar beet or sugar cane. Allison Koch, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, Board Certified Sports Dietitian says, “Chemically speaking, sugar is sucrose which is essentially just two molecules: fructose and glucose. These molecules are considered monosaccharides and are the building blocks of carbohydrates.” Sugar is widely used as a sweetener in many beverages and foods including:

  • Bottled beverages 
  • Condiments
  • Pantry items (i.e. canned goods, cereal, crackers, instant oatmeal)
  • Salad dressings and sauces
  • Yogurts, both dairy-based and dairy-free yogurts

Sugar is most commonly used as a preservative in many of these foods, which is why it is so prevalent in packaged and processed foods.

The Adverse Effects of Consuming Too Much Sugar

Koch reminds us that sugar itself is not the problem. “Sugar by itself in moderation is not toxic,” but rather it is too much sugar.” Excess sugar in the diet can negatively impact multiple facets of health and can contribute to diabetes, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, inflammation and weight gain.  Since the adverse effects from too much sugar can negatively impact health, it’s important to monitor your intake of added sugar and either cut back entirely or avoid it all together. Koch says, “The Dietary Guidelines recommend keeping your intake of added sugars to less than 10% of your total calories as part of a healthy diet. For someone consuming 2,000 calories, that’s just 200 calories or less.” When it comes to creating our dairy-free yogurt, we choose to avoid refined sugar all together.

Why We Don’t Use Sugar

Our team at Lavva believes nature is sweet enough already, which is why our dairy-free yogurts do not include any added sugar – ever. Many yogurt brands, both dairy-based and dairy-free, add sugar to enhance and preserve their fruity flavors. Unlike many dairy-free yogurts that rely on added sugar, carrageenan, gums and whitening agents to achieve their taste and texture, we use only densely nourishing, real food ingredients found in Mother Nature.

At Lavva, we rely on the natural sweetness of 100% real fruit flavor and young plantains to give our dairy-free yogurt a hint of subtle sweetness found in every spoonful. The sugar listed on our nutrition facts panel is naturally occurring from the real food ingredients we use to make Lavva and include coconut water, real organic fruit and young plantains – nothing else, ever!

How to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

It’s important to remember everything should be enjoyed in moderation, so if you find yourself craving a sugar, McKenzieCaldwell, MPH, RDN of Feed Your Zest Nutrition & Wellness reminds us, “While we always deserve to enjoy sugar, and there’s no need to eliminate it completely, playing around with how much sweetness you need in your life to feel satisfied is a balanced way to explore your relationship with sugar without restriction. I recommend my clients taste-test their foods with non-judgmental observation to see what levels of sweetness they enjoy.” However, if you have a sweet tooth and are looking to curve those cravings with a more mindful snack, here are a few ideas:

  • Enjoy a handful of grain-free granola and add a scoop of dairy-free pili nut yogurt or nut butter.
  • Make a bowl of fresh mixed berries like organic blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries then top it with a spoonful of your favorite dairy-free yogurt and a sprinkle of cocoa nibbs for a chocolaty sweet treat.
  • Slice up an apple or banana and slather it with a dollop of your favorite nut or seed butter and add a dash or two of cinnamon. 

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