4 Modern Medicine Memberships You Need to Know About


It’s news to no one that America’s healthcare system is broken. If you’ve ever received a massive bill for a three-minute consult with a doctor who didn’t even let you finish your sentence, you know what we mean. 

Not to mention the crazy complex insurance plans and the inequality that pervades our medical system. Clearly, there’s a lot of room for improvement, which is why pioneers like Parsley Health and One Medical are providing new paths towards better care. Read on to learn about the companies making over medicine right now. 

Parsley Health 

What: Parsley Health offers a membership-based medical plan that aims to identify the root cause of your symptoms. The company provides a holistic, “whole-body approach to care” to solve GI issues, hormone imbalances, and everything in between. Expect to meet with your own team of pros (think: an MD and a health coach) for personalized plans that aim to optimize both your physical and mental wellness.

Where: There are currently options for in-person visits in New York City and L.A., as well as virtual appointments from all over. 

How much: A 12-month membership costs $175/month. You may be able to apply HSA and FSA funds, or receive out-of-network reimbursements depending on your insurance plan. For $175 monthly, you’ll get five medical visits and 5 health coaching sessions annually, plus personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans and discounted branded Parsley supplements. Recommended diagnostics like comprehensive blood and food sensitivity tests may cost you extra depending on your insurance plan. 


What: Forward’s motto? “Healthcare is backwards. We’re here to fix it.” Unlike our reactive medical system, Forward preaches proactive care. With the goal of prevention at its core, this tech-centric company offers a primary care program, as well as heart health, weight management, and cancer prevention programs, among others. Depending on your selected program, you’ll receive services like mindfulness coaching, thyroid testing, and annual skin cancer checks. 

Where: Forward offers in-person and virtual appointments. They also have locations in cities across the country, including in L.A, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Denver, and more. 

How much: Forward charges a flat rate of $149/month (though they’ve run specials for $99 per month), totally separate from your health insurance plan. In other words, you’ll never see a co-pay. Also nice: you may be able to apply HSA and FSA funds to Forward your plan. Standard offerings like check-ups, basic blood tests, prescription deliveries, and vaccines are included in your membership. Just beware that some tests may not be covered. One example: Forward can collect a pap smear but can’t actually test the sample themselves, so the lab bill will land on you or your insurance plan. 


What: This female-founded clinic offers gynecological, fertility, and family planning support. Kindbody’s reproductive endocrinologists and OB/GYNs offer everything from fertility and egg freezing assessments to annual women’s wellness exams to IVF, embryo banking, and genetic testing. Nutrition coaching, acupuncture, doula consults, and return-to-work coaching are also available. 

Where: Kindbody currently has locations in New York, San Francisco, L.A., and Princeton, NJ. Virtual appointments are also an option. 

How much: Kindbody is in-network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, United, Oxford, and Empire in NYC. You’ll need to check in with your insurance plan to assess what’s covered ahead of your Kindbody visit. Also good to know: costs range depending on the services you’re seeking. A one-hour fertility assessment runs at $300, while an annual “Well-Woman” exam clocks in at $250. Embryo banking costs upwards of $10,000 at baseline, not including bloodwork and medications. Fortunately some employers offer Kindbody benefits that may cover some services — reach out to your company’s HR department for more info. 

One Medical 

What: With its “modern approach to primary care,” One Medical offers everything your doctor’s office does and then some. One Medical wants to optimize members’ mental health, provide equal healthcare access for the LGBTQ+ community, and even care for your kids. Expect 24/7 virtual access to a care team, easy-to-book appointments, and help with billing and insurance questions. The company provides members with basic wellness guidance as well as referrals to specialists when needed. 

Where: One Medical has office locations in major cities across the country, from Portland, Oregon to NYC and a handful of states in between. Virtual visits are available as well. 

How much: One Medical’s membership costs $199/year, but the company partners with a number of insurance carriers (including Medicare). Check in with your carrier to see which One Medical services may be covered. 

Written by Anthea Levi, MS, RD