I have been in the food industry my whole career and used to sell kombucha, which has 1 billion live cultures at the time of bottling. Lavva has 50 billion live on the very last day of its shelf life. 

Fermented foods have been on our ancestors’ tables for years and nourish the strains of good bacteria that comprise our microbiome.  21st century living (i.e., environment, food processing agents, medications, stress) displace, change and destroy our microbiome which compromises immunity. I learned about gut health and the complexities of the immune system while on my recovery journey from a serious disease. My knowledge and appreciation of the importance of gut health has become more apparent and precise over the last 3 years. It affects everything from our skin to our behavior.

We knew something very special naturally occurred in a cup of Lavva, and now we understand how unique and powerful these living cultures are to our overall well-being. Probiotics need nourishment to live; in animal yogurts, they live on the lactose sugars found in milk, plus lots and lots of added sugars. Once the good bacteria consume this sugar, they die. In Lavva, we learned that the prebiotics naturally occurring in the whole food are real nourishment for the probiotics and sustain them for the life of the product. Lavva is also a low-glycemic food, which was very important to me as I recovered. In Lavva, I added no sweeteners or added sugars of any kind. Once we added these restorative strains of probiotics, the product defined itself. These restorative strains must be consumed fresh to be viable. We add no heat to this fresh living cultured superfood we call Lavva; it comes fresh to you and your family.

Elizabeth Fisher