Nature is the Most Magical Technology.


A living ecosystem: A blend of simple, real food ingredients — Lavva is so much more than the sum of its whole-food parts. It’s where plant power and human ingenuity come together for incredible taste, function, and nutrition.


Adding sugar, gums, and “natural flavor” is much easier than blending only real food ingredients and trusting the alchemy of nature to do its thing – but we’re not in it for ease. We make our real foods, plant-based yogurt with no added sugar and no gums or stabilizers because it’s what we ourselves want to eat, and we’re so happy to share with you too.

Our Process
First, we blend sprouted Pili nuts, coconut, plantains, cassava, and lime juice into a thick, creamy mix. We then add a special blend of live vegan probiotic cultures, which ferment the natural sugar and food-based prebiotics (young plantains and cassava) in our mix to create a pre- and probiotic-packed, plant-based yogurt with 50 billion probiotics per serving.

We believe that ultimately nature is the most magical advanced technology. It is a far from easy process, but we believe our job is to imagine, create and produce the best tasting, healthiest food our customers will love –  and to let nature do its thing.