Elizabeth Fisher, Founder


In honor of Women’s History Month, meet Liz Fisher – the inspiring woman who created Lavva.

What inspired your interest in nutrition and wellness?

It’s been a lifetime passion. I met my physician husband Jeff who has written a number of books on health and nutrition and had a radio show, and ended up producing his show. We interviewed all the top researchers in medicine and nutrition and were steeped in the most up to date insights.

How did you get into the natural food industry? 

Sharing recipes on the radio show introduced me to the food industry, and both listeners and my family encouraged me to make one of the recipes as a finished product. I went to Kings Supermarket almost 20 years ago with a mockup, and they said yes. I’ll never forget it. And just like that, I was into manufacturing and distribution. Basically, the food industry bit me good.

Tell us about your discovery of the pili nut – how did you know you could make yogurt out of it? What inspired your use of green plantains?

Fast forward to 2013: I was clipping along, caring for a business that I had helped build over many years and having a solid career when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  It was a reoccurrence, and my husband put me on a extremely low carbohydrate and high fat (keto) diet as a compliment to conventional cancer treatment.

When I was in ketosis, I found and fell in love with the pili nut – I made the first creamy spoonfuls of Lavva for my own daily enjoyment. We later added green plantain for a low glycemic, whole food subtle sweetness. The resistant starch and prebiotic fibers in plantains have become integral in transforming separate simple whole food ingredients into this magical thing called Lavva.

“I also like to remind myself that there IS enough time and many things just cannot be rushed.”

What women inspire you?

My mother has been a lifelong source of inspiration to me of how to live a good life – she’s 87 and my very close friend and confidant. I also like to keep an eye on Nikki Haley, just as a public figure who I think will someday be our first woman president.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for female entrepreneurs?

Trust the universe along with your own gentlest instincts, like patience and empathy – they are powerful in all aspects of life. I also like to remind myself that there IS enough time and many things just cannot be rushed.

Do you have a favorite Lavva flavor? Or a favorite way to eat Lavva?

My particular fave of the moment is Mango – our newest. And I love to freeze and blend Vanilla to make an exquisite frozen treat (you have to eat it as soon as it finishes whipping).

Anything else you’d want to share? 

Final take away – it’s never too late!