July Creator Feature: Jason Sani


Meet Jason Sani, a culinary nutritionist, cookbook author and athlete with a background in sports medicine who is guided by the belief that “what and how we eat should make us feel better now and later.” Read on to learn more about Jason, and find recipes for two favorite dessert bowls featuring Lavva.

Tell us about yourself! You’re both a culinary nutritionist AND involved in Athletics/Sports Medicine – how do those things inform each other? 

I’m a big kid who fertilizes the curiosity and wonder in life and gets his kicks from sharing moments of awe with others. My fascination for athletics and wonder of the body’s ability started my journey for performance and an education for sports medicine. Today I get to re-experience the awe in utilizing food and nutrition to enhance performance of the mind and body in a form of nutritional alchemy. 

How did you get interested in culinary nutrition? Tell us about your interest in cooking with functional ingredients!

Firsthand, I experienced the power of nutrition when a family doctor encouraged me to expand my food choices if I wanted to grow as big as my older brother. This former picky kid who had his mother convinced that he was allergic to vegetables started to be more open-minded. Hippy parents helped. 🙂 This started with drinking green superfoods and adding protein powder to pancakes and cookies. 

In my teens I realized that food influenced the body and recovery. Specifically, functional ingredients could synergistically work with the body and provide satisfaction that is one life’s greatest pleasures. 

What is your food philosophy? 

Keep food as natural as possible with supporting nourishment from energy dense foods where needed. I believe we eat based on our demand to express our best self. Healthy is subjective per the individual, although we increase our odds of thriving by eating a diet of 80% + of natural whole foods. 

The food that we eat should promote a healthy hormonal and digestive environment that includes blood sugar support and digestive integrity. This food is not only delicious, but it’s also nourishing, AND it’s also medicine. 

“What and how we eat should make us feel better now and later.”

You have a cookbook! What was that process like? What’s your go-to favorite recipe? 

Writing and publishing my book, Making Healthy Taste Good, has been one of my proudest and challenging projects of my life. The process was a roller coaster of emotions including excitement from research and development to overwhelm and stress when it came to formatting and editing.

My go-to recipe is a variation of a pancake as they are easy to customize based on macronutrient preferences or desires. Just like the pancakes, I love scratch cooking and using what I have to let the creative juices flow. The book has a large section about scratch cooking to provide inspiration of finding your delicious. 

How does food influence your movement practice? 

The harmony between food and movement is crucial. We feel and perform best when we eat in a way that feeds our cells and balance minerals in the body. Food is a fundamental ingredient in helping us express the supeheroes inside. With food, we manufacture energy and our ability to adapt and enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures. 

What’s your favorite Lavva flavor? Favorite way to eat Lavva? 

Vanilla is my favorite as a canvas to add into desert bowls along with an ingredient for pancakes. I love to add mini frozen blueberries, extra plant protein and occasionally powdered peanut butter. 

Two favorite dessert bowls are:

PB&J Bowl

This takes me back to my childhood and the consistency of the berries and thick yogurt or perfect for a late night snack or anytime treat.

1 serving strawberry Lavva 
2 tbsp powdered peanut butter (or almond butter)
1/4 cup frozen mini organic blueberries
*optional vanilla stevia or monk fruit
*optional splash of coconut milk

Stir into desired consistency

Chocolate Bliss Bowl

Love this post workout or after dinner treat. The consistency with the crunch is just right and leaves you with a happy tummy.


1 5.3oz container Vanilla Lavva
2-3 tbsp chocolate plant protein
2 tbsp cacao nibs or sugar-free chocolate chips
*optional 1-2 tbsp powdered Pb or sunflower butter
*optional chocolate stevia 

Stir into desired consistency