June Creator Feature: Dale Moss


Meet Dale Moss: former NFL player turned model, entertainer, philanthropist and motivational speaker. Learn more about Dale’s work with Special Olympics and his holistic approach to finding balance below.

What’s your background as an athlete?

I played in the NFL for over four seasons. I played one year of college football and got signed by the Packers – it was great to learn from an organization like that. I also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then with the Chicago Bears for my last three seasons.

The injury rate in the NFL is 100% – I ended up tearing my labrum and during recovery I started meeting with talent agencies. I was signed by Wilhelmina models and was the first athlete they signed back in 2013 while I was still playing ball. I went to New York for some projects in the off season and ended up never leaving.

What are you most passionate about these days?

As a kid growing up, our family literally had nothing. We lived in a segregated community but we always had love and support for each other. My older sister was a Special Olympics athlete – she broke down all the barriers in our community. I’ve been involved with Special Olympics on a local level since I was a kid.

I got involved in with the Special Olympics in 2015 on a larger scale and it changed my life. I’m a global ambassador for them now and get to go to DC every year to lobby to raise money for Unified Schools, the Special Olympics program that trains faculty to better teach those with intellectual disabilities so they can get into the workforce.


How does food play a role in your approach to health? How did it in the NFL?

During my first two years with the Bears, the nutrition and food was not great – the next year a new coach came and in the number one change was the importance of nutrition. Once I moved to NYC, the fitness mecca, I’ve been more mindful and surrounded myself with people in this industry that are cognizant of it as well. I still train and do a lot of similar things with how I work out as when I was a professional athlete.

I try to practice a holistic approach: my mom worked for a catering company when I was growing up and food was always a comfort and part of my best memories. If i get stressed or mad I’m an emotional eater, but I also love food and get excited to try new things. The best way to understand people is through the culture that’s tied to food. I have to be smarter as I get older because I want longevity – my body is my tool and my mind is my tool, so the more I can commit to self love and self help, then everything else benefits.


Your core mission is about helping others find balance in all areas of life. How do you approach that personally, and how do you use your platforms to encourage others to do the same? 

Honestly, what’s helped me in my career is knowing I can’t do everything alone – team building is a huge thing. Money and status are not true driving factors – I want to work with people where we can change each other’s lives for the better. It’s hard because there’s so much pulling at you.

I try to put the odds in my favor so I don’t ever feel obligation — I love the things I’m doing and that brings a sense of balance across all of the things I’m involved in.

How did you find Lavva?

I was in Abu Dhabi for the 2019 Special Olympics World Summer Games, and while I was there I started getting sick. I ended up having to have an emergency 6 hour surgery. I randomly had a severe infection in my jaw/gum line, which was eye-opening because it was the result of a damaged tooth from when I was playing in the NFL. My friend Jason is a nutritionist and he suggested Lavva while I was recovering – it was all I ate for four days! Blueberry is my #1.

Thanks Dale! Learn more about Dale on his site at http://www.officialdalemoss.com/.