Delivering Unparalleled Creaminess

Lavva Plant Milk is here to set a higher standard for plant-based dairy alternatives. With just three ingredients, our Unsweetened Plant Milk is thick and creamy without the oils, emulsifiers, or gums that those other guys have in them. We simply blend wild-harvested Pili nuts with coconut water and filtered water. That’s it, no shortcuts.

For a cleaned up take on a childhood favorite, we use the Unsweetened Plant Milk as a base for our chocolate variety. Then, we add dates for a balanced sweetness, plus fair trade cocoa, adaptogenic maca root, low glycemic mesquite powder, and Himalayan salt. Chocolate Lavva Plant Milk is a testament that nature really is sweet enough!

Our Unsweetened Plant Creamer froths like a dream and blends magically with hot coffee. We weren’t fans of the filler-loaded options on the market, so we made our Plant Creamer without: inflammatory seed oils, added sugar, natural flavors, or emulsifiers.

You can find Lavva Plant Milk exclusively at Whole Foods nationwide.

What Makes
Lavva Plant Milk Special?

Real Food Ingredients

No Added Sugar, Oils or Natural Flavors




Kosher Parve

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Lactose Free

Soy Free

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