Dairy Free Yogurt | Plant Based with Zero Sugar | Lavva

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Luscious plant-based yogurt Crafted with Zero added sugar & 50 billion probiotics


What we're made of

We transform densely nourishing, whole food ingredients into mmmagic.


Pili ('Peel-ee')

These rich, buttery super nuts, make Lavva, Lavva! Grown in tropical volcanic soil, pili are nutrient powerhouses,  boasting more Vitamin E than any other nut.



Craveably creamy and subtly sweet, plantains contain resistant starch — a good-for-your-gut  prebiotic, a type of fiber that helps probiotics thrivve.


Real Fruit

We scoured the globe to find the best organic fruit for our no added sugar, single-ingredient fruit flavors, with no added flavors, sweeteners, or gums.



Rich in nourishing fats — namely medium chain fatty acids, we use coconut cream, water, and powder for an indulgent taste and silky texture. 



Teeming with fiber and antioxidants, we use this root vegetable in the form of a natural powder to make every Lavva spoonful consistently creamy.


Our Story

Hungry for a dairy-free yogurt that actually tasted good, Lavva is the culmination of years of lovve and labor.

As our Founder and CEO, Liz Fisher, says, ‘Fate led me to the Pili nut,” which she found whipped into a spoonably, creamy yogurt when blended with coconut milk. She spent the next two years working on the recipe for a plant-based yogurt with good fats and no added sugar. And as Liz quickly learned, making foods with only simple ingredients is far from easy. 

Batch by batch, Lavva was born — adding Pili nuts for nutty richness, young plantains for body, coconut for tropical lushness, a squeeze of lime for tartness, Himalayan salt for depth, and organic fruit for flavor. We couldn’t be more proud to bring you what started in a kitchen in Warwick, NY. It's just the start of good things to come from Lavva...