The Reason Why Lavva is Harder to Find Right Now


You may have noticed that it’s been more difficult to find your favorite Lavva products at your local grocery store in the past few weeks. We know how frustrating that may be, since many of you rely on Lavva for your daily routine. It’s important to us that we give you an update and let you know what we’re doing to resolve the issue. 

The reason for our shortages all comes down to one ingredient that we use in our flagship yogurt and plant milk: organic coconut water. Because of a backlog of cargo ships at Los Angeles’ ports made worse by a recent COVID-19 outbreak among the ports’ workers, our coconut water supply has been waiting to be unloaded for weeks. Without a reliable source of coconut water, we haven’t been able to get Lavva’s products to our grocery partners. 

Supply chain issues aren’t unique to Lavva and aren’t going away anytime soon. We have been working with domestic coconut water distributors to access their supply, and our research and development team is testing out the use of dehydrated coconut water as a temporary solution. Meanwhile, we are thinking of all the port employees who have been impacted by the outbreak and will remain patient until they can safely resume operations. 

The Lavva community has proven itself to be resilient, and we are so grateful you’ve stood by us along our journey. Thank you for your continued support and patience — We’ll get to the other side of this together soon enough!