Small Business Saturday: Must-have Rituals with Female Founders


It’s arguably our favorite day of the year: SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! We asked seven female founders to share the one daily ritual they absolutely cannot go without:

LIZ FISHER, FOUNDER & CEO OF LAVVA — It’s called the one legged wall stork. I stand against a wall with one leg bent at ninety degrees, my foot on a chair and my back as flush against the wall as possible. With my arms to the side, I breathe in the belly and pull to the wall for 60 seconds, then repeat with my hands above the head in a triangle touching the wall. hold for 60 more seconds, then repeat on the other side. This ritual gives me minutes of gratitude and alignment for my neck and spine.

CAROLYN VINNICOMBE, FOUNDER OF COPINA CO. — I can’t live without my morning routine. I sip a bit cup of my Matcha Beauty, give my dog, Stella, a big belly rub, and do about 10 minutes of breathwork meditation. It sets me on my best path for the rest of the day.

LILY GALEF, CO-FOUNDER & CHIEF BRAND OFFICER OF HILMA — During quarantine, I’ve realized how important rituals are. The one thing I make sure to do every day is move my body — starting with a yoga class in the morning or ending the day with a walk really helps me make the mental shift between work and personal time.

LISELLE PIRES, CO-FOUNDER & CMO OF JUST DATE SYRUP — I start most mornings with a deep stretch and a walk or run outside, no matter the weather. I love movement – it keeps me sane to get some fresh air in before diving into the day and helps me clear my head with some quiet time (although I typically have a podcast on).

SYLVIE CHARLES, CO-FOUNDER & CEO OF JUST DATE SYRUP — Early mornings when I first wake up, my husband and I hang out in bed with cappuccinos, our baby daughter, Aya, and our crazy border collie, Ziggy. It gives me joy first thing in the morning to spend a sweet, simple moment with my family before the day gets going and going fast, and reminds me why I do what I do!

ALI BONAR, FOUNDER OF KWEEN & CO — A daily ritual I can’t go without is foam rolling & stretching in the morning. Running a food startup involves a lot of manual labor / heavy lifting, so my body always feels pretty beat up. Rolling out and deep stretching always gets my day off on the right foot!

ROMA PATEL, FOUNDER & CEO OF TEJARI & CO. — I couldn’t live without my morning and evening walks. Not only does it give me a boost of Vitamin D, it’s also an opportunity to spend some quality time with my kids and husband.

MARGARET WISHINGRAD, CEO & CO-FOUNDER OF THREE WISHES — With two kids and a fast-growing business, I need some me time! Nothing like a long steamy shower to clear the mind and reset.