How good
yogurt gets

Probiotics. Prebiotics.
Zero added sugar. Plant-based.
It’s time to up your cup.

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How good
yogurt gets

Probiotics. Prebiotics.
Zero added sugar. Plant-based.
It’s time to up your cup.

We’re not like other yogurts.

Made with plant-based, real food ingredients like Pili nuts, young plantains, coconut, and cassava.

50 billion live probiotic cultures. Natural prebiotics. Resistant starch from young plantains.

Zero added sugar. Zero gums. Zero added flavors.

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An Alternative
to the Alternatives

We were told we couldn’t make a dairy-free yogurt without added sugar, gums, and stabilizers. But instead of packing Lavva full of baggage, we set out to change the status quo. With a big imagination and a belief in something better, we took no shortcuts in perfecting our plant-based, real food approach to yogurt. It’s just the start of good things to come from Lavva.

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From the LAVVA Lovers

    Creamier than dairy yogurt and delicious without any added sugar - what else could I ask for?

    Michelle Porizkova

    Finding Lavva is like finding a partner - once you find someone you want to spend time with, why bother with anyone else?

    Sarah Schutz

    I’d given up on yogurt before I met this brand and now they’re a staple.

    Rachelle Robinett

    I had never been satisfied with the [dairy-free] options out there...until I found Lavva. The texture is perfect, the flavor is out of this world, and the ingredients are remarkable.

    Cameron Rogers

    Lavva is my absolute FAVORITE dairy-free yogurt. As a nutritionist, I recommend Lavva to my clients all the time, as well as incorporate it myself pretty much daily!

    Charlotte Press

    I love Lavva because of the delicious taste, and the clean ingredients make me so happy - especially no added sugar.

    Kaitlin Sandeno

    We’re in love with Lavva’s innovative recipe...To us, it tastes better than the ‘real’ deal, with all the creaminess and tang that you would expect from great yogurt.

    Anya & Masha


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